PSG Keen On Reuniting Simeone and Griezmann

The eight-time Ligue 1 champions – Paris Saint Germain are reportedly looking to sign Diego Simeone and Antoine Griezmann to strengthen their team in a bid to claim the long-awaited UEFA Champions League title.

Antoine Griezmann and Diego Simeone
MADRID, SPAIN – APRIL 05: Antoine Griezmann of Atletico Madrid speaks with Head coach Diego Simeone of Atletico Madrid during the UEFA Europa League quarter final leg one match between Atletico Madrid and Sporting CP at Wanda Metropolitano on April 5, 2018 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by TF-Images/TF-Images via Getty Images)

Recent reports suggest PSG have started to look for a replacement for Thomas Tuchel, who has failed to impress as the head coach of the French heavyweights who believe Diego Simeone would be a perfect man for the job. The news comes as a result of PSG’s early exit from UCL last season coupled with a failure to defend both domestic titles that put Tuchel on a hot seat, which could see him part ways with PSG as soon as a new replacement is found.

As a team that has been chasing the prestigious UCL title for years, PSG have splashed out enormous amounts of money for reinforcements that would finally get them to the top of the European football, but to no avail. That said, there is a strong feeling that the change of a coaching staff could be the final missing piece in their quest to lift the UCL trophy. As it stands now, PSG have already punched their ticket for the second stage of the Champions League, by finishing as the first seed in group A, ahead of 13-times UCL champions Real Madrid, who are battling their own issues in Spain as well as on the international stage. Despite already holding a ticket for the final 16, PSG do not have any right to be too optimistic, if we take into consideration their less-than-impressive record in the playoffs stage of UCL, where PSG tends to fall flat more times than not. To put it into a perspective, PSG have exited from the last 16 in each of the past three seasons and have never managed to get past the quarter-finals.

What is that final missing piece, which will push PSG past the quarter-finals and possibly even to the top is anyone’s guess, but according to PSG owners, they believe that someone is Diego Simeone. Simeone as a coach of Atletico Madrid has lead his team to the UCL title twice, despite having significantly fewer resources to what he could possibly receive should he join PSG. If we put two and two together here, it does seem like Simeone could do wonders with a team such as PSG. While we talk about the resources in PSG, we have to ask ourselves, how will the PSG’s team look like next season, considering Neymar is well on his way out, while Mbappé is said to be targeted by Barcelona, who we all know have the ability to lure in almost any player. Furthermore, there are also question marks surrounding the future of Draxler and Icardi, who is on a loan from Inter and could not be wearing PSG’s jersey comes next season. With a high possibility of many of their star players leaving the club next season, it’s fair to say, it’s now or never for PSG and their UCL title ambitions.

While a solid plan, convincing Diego Simeone to leave Atletico Madrid after nine years to join PSG will not be an easy task. Simeone has been a loyal Atletico Madrid player and has now become an iconic figure of the club. That being said, PSG have maybe found the right lure to catch Simeone – Antoine Griezmann. Since Griezmann arrived at Barcelona this past summer, he failed to make as much of a noise as many had expected, and it’s easy to speculate Barcelona would be willing to let go of their expensive signing if the right offer comes by. PSG firmly believe that is the case and are confident they could make a deal with the Blaugrana, which would see the French national join their club next summer, especially if Barca make another move to sign Neymar or Mbappé.

Will PSG’s plan to reunite Griezmann and Simeone be as effective as proclaimed is anyone’s guess, as many questions need to be answered before. Most importantly, whether Barcelona will be ready to let go of Griezmann, and if they decide to do so in exchange for either Neymar or Mbappé; will the two teams reach an agreement? Furthermore, if PSG owners manage to sign Griezmann, will Simeone be willing to leave Atletico Madrid after almost a decade to pursue other opportunities in PSG or will El Cholo remain loyal to the club, which he helped win one LaLiga title, Copa del Rey, two UCL titles and two UEFA Super Cups? There are many questions and so little answers on this topic, yet if we put everything together, there is no denying PSG’s plan just might come through and maybe, just maybe, it will be enough for them to finally lift the prestigious UCL trophy for the first time in club’s history.

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