Icardi’s Future in Inter Milan

Mauro Icardi, FC Internazionale

Mauro Icardi, the 25-year-old striker and a key player in Inter success in recent seasons, is in the spotlight once again, however this time for different reasons as you might expect. The speculations of Icardi and his club having bad relations have surfaced and as time passes the whole things gets weirder and more confusing to follow. From stipping of the captain armband to allegedly refusing to play in Europa League to his wife “sabotaging” the transfer and more, Icardi future in Inter has a huge question mark hovering above…

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Juventus With Mo Salah on Their Wishlist

Mohamed Salah of Liverpool

Since arriving in Liverpool in 2017 the Egyptian star Salah scored an incredible 64 goals in 86 appearances, so it’s no surprise he is a huge attraction for other football clubs, one of which is the Italian giant, Juventus, who just might buy Salah from Liverpool in the upcoming transfer window, or at least so the rumors say. At his time in Roma, before joining Liverpool, Salah was an average player with 34 goals in 84 games played. While it’s still a decent record for a striker to have, it…

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The Main Candidates to Relegate From the Premier League

Aleksandar Mitrovic of Fulham

Premier League, one of, if not the most popular football league in the world is slowly closing to an end. With the majority of the teams waiting to play the 27th round, there will be only 11 rounds left before the league is finished. May 19th is the day when Premier League officially ends and the day, we get to crown the new champion of England. On the other side, we also get to remove 3 teams that are “unworthy” of playing in the Premier League and replace them with…

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Top 5 Interesting Matches in Europa League 1/16 finals


In the shadow of the Champions League, the teams that failed to qualify to play among the “big boys” battle each other in the Europa League. For some the Europa League represents a 2nd tier European competition, for others, it represents a great opportunity for their teams to rise to the top of Europe.  Whichever way we look at the Europa League, it offers some highly entertaining matches between the best clubs in Europe, so it would be hard to argue it’s any less entertaining than the Champions League. In…

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Top 5 Young Football Players in the World

ante palaversa, manchester city

There have been several articles written with a title of “the new Messi or Ronaldo”, which talk about a youngster that was recognized as a huge talent and is expected to one day be among the best in the football world.  And while I like to read them just to see who this new “gem” is and to see if the statements about prove to be true, more times than not those so-called soon to be the best football players seemingly disappear from the spotlights. Nonetheless, finding new prospects is…

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