Icardi’s Future in Inter Milan

Mauro Icardi, the 25-year-old striker and a key player in Inter success in recent seasons, is in the spotlight once again, however this time for different reasons as you might expect. The speculations of Icardi and his club having bad relations have surfaced and as time passes the whole things gets weirder and more confusing to follow. From stipping of the captain armband to allegedly refusing to play in Europa League to his wife “sabotaging” the transfer and more, Icardi future in Inter has a huge question mark hovering above it.

Mauro Icardi, FC Internazionale
PARMA, ITALY – FEBRUARY 09: Mauro Icardi of FC Internazionale reacts during the Serie A match between Parma Calcio and FC Internazionale at Stadio Ennio Tardini on February 9, 2019 in Parma, Italy. (Photo by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images)

Mauro Icardi, the Argentinian striker started off his career in Sampdoria but was soon spotted by the Nerazzurri, who signed him in the summer transfer window of 2013. Since that summer of 2013, Icardi stayed loyal to Inter Milan, where he got better and better with each passing year, proving to be a world class striker that any team would like to have. In his 210 appearances in inter, Icardi scored 122 goals. He even got awarded the Capocannoniere (top scorer) reward in 2014/15 and 2017/18 season, received the Serie A Footballer of the Year award in 2018 and was given the Performance of the Year award by Gazzetta Sports.

With such a successful career and a long history with the team, we have to ask ourselves what’s happening with Mauro Icardi and his club, Inter Milan?

The whole “drama ” between Icardi and Inter has been going on for a while, however, while there was little said about it, a lot has been seen and a lot has happened.

The whole thing has been cooking for a while, but it all started blowing up when Icardi got stripped of his captaincy. Soon after that his manager and wife Wanda Nara appeared on a talk show, where she talked about the situation with Icardi, and may have added too much of her opinion on the topic. She is nowhere near as “important” as Raiola, Otin and other successful agents, but her words carry just as much weight.  That started an avalanche of negative opinions pointed towards Icardi and questions about his future in Inter. We can assume she did not want to make the things worse, but her approach to talking about Icardi, Inter and his teammates was far from appropriate, especially due to the circumstances.

Soon after, the rumours of him moving to other clubs appeared. When we talk about a player of such quality moving to another club, its only normal big clubs are mentioned. Chelsea, Manchester United and Real Madrid.

First, let’s touch the Real Madrid transfer speculations. Real Madrid are looking for a new striker to add in the summer, and with recent news of Icardi issues with his club, he would be a perfect addition to the Los Blancos. However, the rumours of Icardi moving to Spain came to an end shortly after they started. The reason behind it? Wanda Nara. All the “drama” due to her actions, proved to be enough to put off Real Madrid from signing Icardi.  That is good news for the Manchester United who have been eyeing Icardi alongside Real Madrid. Recent transfer news speculates Manchester United are getting ready to sell Lukaku, to make a room for a new striker, which will be either Juventus Paulo Dybala or Inters Mauri Icardi. United would even be ready to add Lukako to the transfer deal, which could make their offer that much more interesting. Then there’s Chelsea who joined the race to grab Icardi from Inter in the summer transfer window soon after they realized Real Madrid stepped out of the negotiations. There were also controversial speculations of Icardi moving to the rival club Juventus, however, The Old Lady reportedly has her eyes on Liverpool player Salah.

But we are forgetting another club that is in the race for Icardi. A club Icardi has adored his whole life and would presumably give his life for. If you haven’t’ guessed it by now let me help, it starts with “In” and ends with “ter”. It’s Inter. Icardi has shown his love for the club and as said by his agent/wife, when he got his captain armband taken it was like taking a leg from him”. While I do not trust everything Wanda Nara said, I do believe Icardi would love to stay at the club and that is only achievable if the Argentinian striker and the Nerazzurri finally get to an agreement and extend his contract. At the end of the day, this would prove to beneficial for both. Icardi will remain in the club he loves and Inter would keep an exceptional striker in their squad.

Most recent news work in favour of Icardi staying in Inter, as the Inter chief executive Giuseppe Marotta appeared on live TV to address the issue on Sunday. In his statement, he mentioned Inter is working hard to offer Icardi a reasonable contract which would benefit Icardi, fans and the club itself. He even praised the young striker and expressed his hopes of him staying with the Nerazzurri. Again, nothing is yet settled or close to being settled, but I am sure of one thing;

Icardi appearance or rather a lack of it in the next match of Europa League against Rapid Vienna will surely once again spark some interesting speculations regarding Icardi future with Inter.

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