Juventus With Mo Salah on Their Wishlist

Since arriving in Liverpool in 2017 the Egyptian star Salah scored an incredible 64 goals in 86 appearances, so it’s no surprise he is a huge attraction for other football clubs, one of which is the Italian giant, Juventus, who just might buy Salah from Liverpool in the upcoming transfer window, or at least so the rumors say.

Mohamed Salah of Liverpool
NAPLES, ITALY – OCTOBER 03: Mohamed Salah of Liverpool during the Group C match of the UEFA Champions League between SSC Napoli and Liverpool at Stadio San Paolo on October 3, 2018 in Naples, Italy. (Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images)

At his time in Roma, before joining Liverpool, Salah was an average player with 34 goals in 84 games played. While it’s still a decent record for a striker to have, it was not until his 1st season at Liverpool in 2017, when he blew up. In his debut season, Salah won the Premier League Golden Boot with 32 goals in one season. He was also the key player in Liverpool’s great run in the Champions League, where they reached the finals, but ultimately fell to Real Madrid. The finals of the Champions League were also filled with controversy when Ramos injured Salah in the first half of the finals. With Salah out of the match, the final score was surely different from the one we would see if had Salah not injured himself. Still, I won’t go and discuss this incident as this is not an article about Salah injury and how and why Liverpool lost Champions League finals. So back to the Salah transfer.

With phenomenal performances in last season and 20 goals in 34 games this season, Salah has been targeted by Juventus, who are looking for an additional star player to add alongside Ronaldo and others. Imagine Ronaldo and Salah in the same team. Yes, I know, admirable.

However, it’s not only Juventus who are after Salah, but also Real Madrid, who are in desperate need for another striker. With the departure of Ronaldo, they are left with Bale and Benzema, which… is not impressive. And while both teams are interested in the Egyptian striker, Juventus seems to have an edge over Real Madrid in this transfer move.

Accordingly, to Sky News, Ronaldo was the one who demanded Juventus to bring Salah to play alongside him. The same report also claims Juventus is preparing a huge sum of £175 million which should be enough to persuade the English side to give up their star striker.

On the other side, another news channel Tuttosport reported Juventus is prepared to offer Paulo Dybala and £43.9m for Salah.

Like with any rumors, we must ask ourselves how likely is this to happen? The offer of £175 million for Salah seems a bit… too much in my opinion. Yes, he is good, yes, he was among the best scorers last season, but £175 million? I know the prices of players have gone up A LOT in the last decade (Ronaldinho was worth about € 30 mil in his prime), but this is just an absurd amount of money. On the other side, Dybala and £43.9m seem a bit more realistic offer, but still too much for Salah. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to bash on Salah, as he is an excellent player who has done a lot for Liverpool but looking at his current form and the huge sums of money offered for him, this is a no-brainer deal for Liverpool. If the rumors for £175 million are true, I don’t know what Liverpool are waiting for. On the other side, Dybala and £43.9 million is far from a bad offer as well.

Until we get the official news regarding the transfer, we can only wait until the next transfer window, which as it seems will be an interesting one.

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