Juventus Waiting for a Green Light from Klopp to trade Dybala for Salah

The Italian giants reportedly offered Liverpool Paulo Dybala and £44m in exchange for the Egyptian striker Mohamed Salah, who they want to bring back to Italy this summer.

Paulo Dybala of Juventus
GENOA, ITALY – MARCH 17: Paulo Dybala of Juventus celebrates a goal canceled during the Serie A match between Genoa CFC and Juventus at Stadio Luigi Ferraris on March 17, 2019 in Genoa, Italy. (Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images)

The Old Lady has been linked with Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah for a while and it’s reported the Italian champions are still waiting for Liverpool to agree on their terms. Juventus is reportedly still open to trading away their youngster Paulo Dybala under one condition; if they can get Mohamed Salah. The talks of Dybala moving to England in exchange for Salah date back to February, but since then no improvement in the deal has been made public. While we almost swept the story under the rug as just another deal that could have happened, the Italian press Tuttomercato once again sparked interest, claiming the Juventus offer of Paulo Dybala and £44m for Salah is still on the table for Liverpool to grab.

It’s not a well-known fact, but Mohamed Salah has been on the radar of Juventus during his spell at Fiorentina and AS Roma. Juventus were even close to signing him back in 2017, but Liverpool beat them to it and signed the Egyptian for a great price of £37.80m.

Since his arrival at Liverpool, Mohamed Salah value has risen considerably, from mere £31.50m to £135m due to his incredible performances at the Reds. During his time at Liverpool Salah scored 64 goals and added 25 assists in 93 appearances. Due to his exceptional form, he has also been linked with Real Madrid, however, it all seems like if there will be any club that will end up with Salah in their squad it will be Juventus with their mouth-watering offer of Paulo Dybala and £44m. It may come off as a surprise Juventus are willing to sell Dybala, but we need to consider that Dybala has not seen a lot of playtime since the arrival of Ronaldo. Additionally, Juventus have expressed their concerns about the synergy between Ronaldo and Dybala who are reportedly not a good “duo”. On the other side, Ronaldo expressed his desire to play with Salah numerous times before, praising the skill of the Egyptian and his abilities as a striker.

It all seems like this is a transfer waiting to happen, but Liverpool are the one who have all of negotiating power here. It would be hard to argue Klopp would not welcome Dybala at his club, but the question is if it’s worth letting go of Salah? With his exceptional performances since he arrived at the club, Salah value as estimated by Reds is at least £150million. While this may seem like a price tag that is too high, we cannot ignore the price tag on Paulo Dybala, who is not only a great striker. He is also younger than Salah, which only adds to the value on the Argentinian.

Despite no reported changes to the transfer just yet, it’s a deal waiting to happen. It’s clear that Juventus are desperate to sign Salah, even offering their young star and additional money to Liverpool, who I can imagine have a hard time deciding if this is the right trade to make. Would Liverpool decide to sell Salah, they would get a great replacement in Dybala who suffers from lack of play time in Juventus in addition to £44m, which would be a nice amount to add for their summer shopping. If not, Dybala could easily end in Real Madrid or potentially even Manchester United, who have expressed their desire to bring the Argentinian to the squad in a Lukaku swap deal. That is if the Icardi deal falls into the water.

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