Who Could Replace Klopp at Liverpool?

If you’re to believe some of the stories circling the internet, Jurgen Klopp’s days as the Liverpool manager are numbered. The question being asked here is, who could replace Klopp at Liverpool if the board sacks him?

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Will Jurgen Klopp be the next manager to get the sack?

Would Klopp be sacked? Looking at the BetUk odds for the Premier League title race, Arsenal are strong favourites, with Manchester City following them up. Liverpool are far away from this conversation. After coming very close to a quadruple last season, the summer was busy for Liverpool, losing star-man Sadio Mane and key rotational options in Divock Origi and Takumi Minamino, they brought in Darwin Nunez for a massive fee and starlet Fabio Carvalho. However, cracks that had previously been papered over last year with exceptional performances and a lack of injuries have been exposed this season. Liverpool’s midfield has been exposed regularly, meaning they’ve struggled to not only defend, but sometimes progress the ball.

This, obviously, has fallen at Klopp’s feet – a man who is committed, religiously, to intense pressing, which can leave areas exposed and weak if the whole team isn’t at the right rhythm. Nonetheless, Klopp has earnt time, and Liverpool fans – and the club itself – know the team’s problems. This is a rebuild. But is Klopp the man for that job?

To find out which Premier League manager is the next most likely to get the sack, the best thing to do would be to compare the odds from some of today’s most trusted sites.

For example, things currently aren’t looking too bad for Jurgen Klopp. He is only the eighth (or ninth) next odds-on favourite Premier League manager to get the sack, depending on where you look.  

A closer look at the odds

It’s actually looking like the next Premier League manager to get the sack will be Antonio Conte, who currently manages Spurs (Tottenham Hotspur). In the UK fractional odds format, you will see that he is currently priced, on average, at around 17/20.

In the American/moneyline odds format, 17/20 is the same as -118, and in the European decimal odds format, it’s 1.85. These same odds also tell us that Antonio Conte has a 54.10% implied probability rate of being the Premier League’s next sacked managed

More odds

  • David Moyes is the second odds-on favourite manager to be sacked from West Ham at 2/1 (which is 3.00, or 200), with a 33.30% implied probability rate
  • Graham Potter is the third odds-on favourite manager to be sacked from Chelsea at 17/2 (which is 9.50, or 850), with a 10.50% chance of going
  • Brendan Rodgers is the fifth odds-on favourite manager to be sacked from Leicester City at 14/1 (which is 15.00, or 1400), with a 6.70% chance of going
  • Gary O’Neill is the joint-fifth odds-on favourite manager to be sacked from AFC Bournemouth at 14/1 (which is 15.00, or 1400), with a 6.70% chance of going
  • Steve Cooper is the sixth odds-on favourite manager to be sacked from Nottingham Forest at 20/1 (which is 21.00, or 2000), with a 4.80% chance of going

Don’t forget that these odds can fluctuate a great deal over the course of just one day. Also, don’t forget that no matter how certain some of these odds seem for a certain manager to be sacked, no bet is guaranteed.

If Liverpool do sack Klopp, who will then bring in as a replacement?

We could also look to the same sites to find out which manager will most likely replace Klopp if they sack him. Pepijn “Pep” Lijnders is Klopp’s assistant manager at Liverpool, and he would most likely take the reins until the club finds a more permanent solution.

For Lijnders to be the next Liverpool manager, you’re looking at UK fractional odds of around 5/1, which means 3.50 in decimal odds and 250 in American/moneyline odds. It also means he has a 28.60% chance of becoming the next Liverpool manager.

Also in the running is former Chelsea and PSG boss Thomas Tuchel. He is currently priced at 9/2 (which is 5.50, or 450), with an 18.20% implied probability rate. Brighton and Hove Albion’s Roberto De Zerbi is currently priced at 13/2 (7.50, or 650) with a 13.3% chance of joining, which means he’s the third odds-on favourite to join the Merseyside club.

The other three people who could also potentially end up managing Liverpool straight after Klopp leaves are Julian Nagelsmann (Bayern Munich), Xabi Alonso (Bayer Leverkusen), or Steven Gerrard (previously managed Aston Villa and Rangers).

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