How Has the Premier League Helped with Charitable Causes?

In 2010, the Premier League Charitable Fund (PLCF) was established with the goals of building stronger communities. With more than 1.4 million people being involved in one or more of the programmes, events, or activities, the PLCF enhances the physical and mental well-being of its participants.

Premier League Charitable FundGoals

With funding to more than 92 Club Community Organisations (CCOs), PLCF has delivered numerous programmes and opportunities to the community. With focus on developing personal skills and relationships, PLCF plans to achieve positive and long-lasting outcomes in sport health and education for children and the younger community.


With various programmes available, PLCF continues to lead the improvement of the younger generations’ lives through social events, individual support, and community events that display the value of football and the Premier League.

Premier League Primary Stars

Providing free access to events and competitions to primary schools across England and Wales, the Premier League Primary Stars Programme (PLPSP) supports children between the ages of 5 and 11. The effort focuses on physical activity and the development of crucial life skills on and off the pitch. With the goal of developing children physically and mentally, Primary Stars provides teaching materials on various topics, from physical education to common studies of math and English. Primary Stars’ most popular feature is Premier League Writing Stars, a poetry competition that has seen more than 50,000 entries.

Premier League Kicks

Premier League Charitable Fund awards
With access to Premier League clubs, Premier League Kicks engages children of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to partake in sports, football included, and individual growth. This programme was established in 2006 and focuses on certain regions of England and Wales. Premier League Kicks has enhanced communities by engaging their youngsters in sports, coaching, and personal development skills. The authorities of these communities have reported a significant decline in anti-social behaviour, which is believed to be due to the effects of this programme.

Premier League Inspires

The Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA), the Prince’s Trust, and the Premier League employ their attributes and admirations to inspire the age group of 11 to 25. This programme assists those with ongoing challenges and mental health issues to reach their highest potential by ensuring they are well engaged, have a healthy well-being, and are taught practical skills that can be used in their future careers.

PFA Community Fund

The PFA Community Fund allows CCOs, the PFA, and the Premier League to provide assistance in developing partnerships in new areas for local needs. Players within the Premier League partake in these projects to improve the effects on those involved.

As you can see, the Premier League is motivated to continue helping its community to thrive and the lives of the younger generations to soar.

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