Can Tottenham Win the Premier League?

Following an incredibly successful 2018/19 season, the biggest question surrounding Tottenham‘s camp is can the Lilywhites challenge Manchester City for the EPL title. And while it’s way too early to give a definite answer, the Pochettino’s men already showcased their strength and as of now seem like a serious competitor for the English title.

Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino
AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – MAY 07: Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino faces the media during a Tottenham Hotspur press conference on the eve of their UEFA Champions League semi final against Ajax at Johan Cruyff Arena on May 7, 2019 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. (Photo by Craig Mercer/MB Media/Getty Images)

Ever since Leicester shook the world and won the EPL title in 2016, it has become rather common for every EPL team wonder whether they are capable of finishing the season on top of the Premier League, no matter how slim their chances may be. Nonetheless, it’s Tottenham’s fans who have all the right to hope and believe 2019/20 season is the season when Mauricio Pochettino and his men claim the English throne after almost 60 years.

When we look at the Tottenham Hotspur team, and their status in the football world in the last couple of years, we can’t help but see them as a team who gets underestimated by everyone. To be fair to those, the Lilywhites have not won a single silverware in almost 12 years, nonetheless, that is not to say they are by any means a bad team. Spurs just seem to always play second fiddle to other teams, always just falling short of reaching for the stars and showing to the world that they are here and they deserve respect. While the 2018/19 season did not change anything as far as Spurs trophy count goes, the North London outfit have put their name on the map with an impressive and historic appearance in the Champions League finals.

While it’s hard to exactly pinpoint why Tottenham failed to receive the respect they deserve in the last couple of seasons, one of the big factors is without a doubt the fact they never spent money during the transfer window. Or in other words at least not as much and in a way other, big clubs do. That, however, changed this summer, when they spent almost €100 million to sign big additions in Ndombele, Sessegnon and Jack Clarke. While their spending spree can hardly compare to €300+ spent by Real Madrid, Spurs, to be fair do not need to spend huge amounts of money. They already have incredibly gifted players in each position, some of which can easily be regarded as one of the best in the world. Furthermore, the Tottenham Hotspur team is as of August 2019 the fifth most expensive team in the world, with the total market value of their players reaching an astonishing €984.5 million. Meaning the only four teams who have more valuable squads are Liverpool (€1.07 billion), Barcelona (€1.17 billion), Real Madrid (€1.18 billion) and Manchester City (€1.27 billion). That consequently means Tottenham hold higher market value compared to teams such as Juventus, PSG, Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid and all other EPL teams. While connecting the market value of teams to their quality is a rather bland way to rank the teams’ strength, we cannot deny the correlation between the quality of the players and their value on the market.

Harry Kane of Tottenham Hotspur
SOUTHAMPTON, ENGLAND – MARCH 09: Harry Kane of Tottenham Hotspur celebrates after scoring his team’s first goal during the Premier League match between Southampton FC and Tottenham Hotspur at St Mary’s Stadium on March 09, 2019 in Southampton, United Kingdom. (Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images)

A quick look at the players Mauricio Pochettino has at his disposal, it’s rather hard to find any flaws. The Lilywhites boast with some of the best EPL defenders, some of the most respected midfielders, and of course the fearsome Kane – Son duo in the attack, who should strike fear in any team they play against. There is simply no denying the quality of Tottenham’s squad, yet they somehow fail to measure up to Liverpool and Man City. That is at least as far as their status in the football world is concerned. It’s rather weird that’s the case for Mauricio Pochettino and his men, who, all things considered, should be regarded as a very solid contender for the title. Will they manage to justify their potential and win the title this season is anyone’s guess, nonetheless, we can all agree they are a team that is more than capable of achieving that feat.

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