EPL Fantasy: Gameweek 2 Recap

The second gameweek of Premier League has concluded this Monday, meaning it’s time to look over how our fantasy squad performed, who impressed and who disappointed.

Compared to what we have produced in gameweek one, this weekend was far more successful, considering we have doubled our points and even finished with above-average points of the gameweek two. But before we look over our squad, and which players contributed the most, let’s first check out the dream team of week two.

dream team fantasy epl gameweek 2
Dream Team – Fantasy EPL – Gameweek 2

Fantasy EPL Dream Team – Gameweek 2

Sheffield United fans and most importantly people who have Sheffield United defence in their fantasy team can be ecstatic, considering the EPL dream team consists of three of their players.

In the goal, it was Henderson who proved to be the best goalkeeper of the week with a total of nine points to his name following a 1:0 win over Crystal Palace. Helping him at the back were Lundstram (14) and Stevens (7), who were both just incredible, with the former even scoring a game-winning goal for his team. Next to Lundstram and Stevens, we have Digne, who impressed with 11 points to his name, following a 1:0 win over Watford, when he not only kept a clean sheet but also contributed with an assist to Bernard for the game-winning goal.

As the only scorer for Everton against Watford, Bernard as well earned himself a spot in the dream team, by accumulating 11 points, which is a huge improvement compared to his two points in game week one. Joining him in the 11- point club this week were De Bruyne and Ceballos who were both incredible in their round two fixtures. Ceballos proved his worth in his first official debut for Arsenal by contributing two assists in Gunners win over Burnley, whereas De Bruyne’s two assists were only enough for a draw against Tottenham. Lamela emerged as the second-best midfielder of the week with 12 points, which he achieved by scoring a goal and adding an assist against Man City, whereas it was Mane, who impressed against Southampton and produced a total of 13 points with a goal and an assist.

Last but not least, we have got two surprise appearances in our striker department with Chicharito and Pukki as two of the best strikers of the gameweek two. Chicharito earned a total of eight points this round with a goal against Bournemouth. While his performance was good, it did not even compare to Teemu Pukki, who scored a hat-trick against Newcastle, which earned him a total of 17 points, far more than any other player this gameweek.

fantasy team round 2
Our EPL Fantasy team – Gameweek 2


Our replacement for Alisson, Hugo Lloris ended gameweek two with three points, which he earned in a tough match against Manchester City. We hardly expected Lloris to walk away with a clean sheet on that day, nonetheless, three points was a solid result and we hope he can improve on that comes next gameweek when Tottenham hosts Newcastle.


Moving down to our defensive lineup, van Dijk (2), Laporte (1) and Coleman (5) produced a total of eight points, which was far from our expectations. That being said, we were impressed by Coleman’s performance once more, who as of now brought us a total of 11 points. Will he able to continue with his consistency is yet to be seen, still, we can be glad Coleman is a part of our fantasy squad, considering he is as of now our best-performing defender.


Our four-man midfield earned a total of 37 points, mostly thanks to Mane, who earned a spot in the dream team. Following a poor result in gameweek one, when Mane earned us only one point, we kept our trust in the Senegalese and it paid off big. His goal and assist against Southampton earned him a total of 13 points, which we have doubled by once again letting him wear the captain armband. Our second best midfielder was no other than Neves, who we trusted to perform up to par against Manchester United and he did not fail to deliver. With a goal, Neves earned us seven points, which was a very solid addition to our final tally. Unfortunately, both El Ghazi and Zaha underperformed last round, as they both walked away with only two points. Zaha, while playing the whole 90 minutes failed to produce a goal in Crystal Palace defeat against Sheffield United. El Ghazi on the other side did not enjoy a much better fixture with no goals nor assists to his name in Aston Villa 1:2 defeat against Bournemouth.

All in all, a lot could have gone better for our midfield, nonetheless, it was a solid result or at least a much-improved result compared to our gameweek one (5 points)


We entered gameweek two with the same attacking lineup as we did in gameweek one, and we can say we are fairly happy with the result. Jota (2), King (6) and Aguero (6) earned us 14 points, which was a rather big improvement compared to nine points in our gameweek one.

Looking at how our strikers performed, we trusted King to deliver in the match against Aston Villa and he did, by scoring an early goal via penalty, which helped Bournemouth win a crucial away match. Jota, on the other side, did not produce any goals in a tough match against Manchester United, and while he did not pose any real threat for de Gea on that day, we were overall happy with what he has shown. Last but not least, we have got the veteran EPL player, Aguero who once again scored a goal, helping the Sky Blues earn a point against Tottenham and helping us earn six points, which is only a slight improvement compared to five points in gameweek one.

Combining all points, we walked away from the gameweek two with 62 points, which is exactly twice as much as in gameweek one. We have seen some players continue with their good performances, which earned us some much-needed points, while others failed to live up to the expectations we have put on them. Coleman proved to be a great addition to our team, whereas Mane woke up and started to perform up to par with what we have hoped to see from him. King, while scoring a goal, we believe still has some unused potential and the same can be said for our Wolverhampton duo, who will have a chance to impress next gameweek. But more on that in our gameweek 3 article.

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In the second gameweek Dominik Mayr and his team “Downhill from Here” have collected 66 points, which is far better than average points.

Dominik Mayr Downhill from Here
Dominik Mayr and his Fantasy EPL team “Downhill from Here” have 3 dream team players.

He has 3 players from the dream team, while the 2 expensive players, Salah and Sterling, got together only 9 points, but Dominik trusted Sterling and got decent 12 points.

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