Carlos Baleba Completes €27m Transfer to Brighton

In an exciting turn of events for football enthusiasts, Carlos Baleba is set to undergo medical tests as the newest addition to Brighton’s roster.

Carlos Baleba brighton

The formalities of his transfer are expected to be wrapped up on Monday, following a confirmed fee of €27 million, supplemented by €3 million in add-ons. Additionally, a sell-on clause has been included for LOSC Lille. This move marks a significant milestone in Baleba’s career, as he embarks on a new journey with Brighton, signing a contract that extends until June 2028.

A Versatile Midfielder

Carlos Baleba’s reputation as a versatile and dynamic midfielder precedes him. With his exceptional skills on the field, Baleba has carved a niche for himself as an influential player. His ability to perform across various midfield roles makes him a valuable asset for Brighton.

Baleba’s Early Beginnings

Baleba’s football journey began at the grassroots level, playing for Futur Soccer FC in Douala. Recognizing his potential, he was soon scouted by École de Football des Brasseries du Cameroun academy center at the tender age of 13. This early exposure to structured training laid the foundation for his future success.

Transfer to Lille and European Recognition

In January 2022, Baleba took a significant step in his career by joining Lille. His exceptional performances caught the attention of scouts from prominent European clubs, highlighting his rising prominence in the football world. The decision to transfer to Lille proved to be a pivotal one, setting the stage for his subsequent leap to Brighton.

Playing Style and Strengths

Baleba’s playing style is characterized by his remarkable stamina, skillful dribbling, and impressive passing range. As a complete and robust central midfielder, he possesses the versatility to excel in both box-to-box and holding roles. His ability to seamlessly transition between offensive and defensive play has garnered him recognition as a well-rounded player, capable of influencing the game’s dynamics. Carlos Baleba should be a good replacement for Moisés Caicedo, who left the club in this summer transfer window and joined Chelsea.


Carlos Baleba’s imminent move to Brighton is generating buzz among football enthusiasts and experts alike. With his remarkable journey from grassroots football to the big stage, Baleba’s dedication, skills, and versatility are poised to make a lasting impact on Brighton’s performance. As he steps onto the field wearing the Brighton jersey, fans can anticipate thrilling displays of midfield prowess and teamwork that have become synonymous with Carlos Baleba’s name. The football world eagerly awaits his contributions to his new team’s success in the seasons to come.

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