Which are the top football betting secrets?

One might argue that football is the most celebrated and followed sport in the whole world. This might be factual, as many football fans spend weekends watching game after game, while placing a football bet in between on their favorite Asian bookies. Other elements that make sports interesting include the glitzy club memorabilia and marketing, the massive revamped stadiums, the who is in and who is out in the transfer market, and of course international events and tournaments that help football fans worldwide come together to watch matches. This is the beauty of football, and even we are sucked in by the hype.

football betting secrets

The fun and thrills of placing a bet on football are worth the adrenalin rush that you get when your beloved team is playing, but there are some tricks and secrets that you, the gambler, need to know about before you go all-in for the win. If you check the below before placing a bet, you can confidently say, you mastered the art of betting on footie.

Home and Away Matches

If you have never watched a football match, this would be a good time to start and understand the mechanics of the game.  When a team is said to be playing ‘home’, it means they are playing on their home turf, their actual stadium, the football pitch where many ‘home’ supporters will turn up to watch the match. If the team is playing ‘away’, this means that the team is playing at the opponent’s ground, and hence supporters will be available for the away team. You might think that all big and mighty football teams will do their best, irrespective of where they play, however having more moral support will give you that extra push to perform better. The first secret of betting on football is taking into consideration if your team is playing at home or not. Although this theory does not always work, it is a good element to consider when placing your bets.

Team Morale and Spirit

You can have the best team in the world, however, if the spirit, motivation, and drive are not there, the team will not win. Let us take Manchester United, for example, the team that loved, cherished, and followed Sir Alex Ferguson like he was a walking Bible. Sir Alex was a strict coach, yet a fair one, a father figure for many, a mentor, and a lifelong friend should you happen to be one of his players. Once Sir Alex retired due to age, Man Utd suffered with coaches. The spirit in the team dropped massively, and nobody could pick the team up, not even ‘The Chosen One’, football legend Jose Mourinho.

If a football coach loses the dressing room is another saying that we use in football. This term relates to when the team and the coaching staff are on opposing sides, hence the team will not perform as planned, and for the coach. Normally this results in the team having a succession of losses, and the ultimate result will be the coach getting fired.  The loss of dressing room is another point to keep in mind when placing bets on football.

Player Injuries / Suspended Players

A team is composed of many football players and even reserves, however, there are some key players in a team that just bring in the magic. Just to put you in the picture, we refer to players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and many more. These players are key star players that bring in great passes and bring home the goals. Now, if you want to place a football bet on a team, checking if there are any injured or suspended players would be wise to do. You might want to reconsider placing a big bet on a team that has one of its star players injured or suspended. Football teams operate tactics, formations, and strategies, and if one of the chess pieces is missing, you might want to hold back on placing a bet. Or at least, place a modest small bet to be on the safe side.

Following Professional Football Blogs

You could be a star football bettor in your home country, but let’s say your team has a Champions League match to win, and this involves a football team you know nothing about, you need your intel. We suggest that you read football blogs, watch out for other football markets and not just your country football tournaments and leagues. Once you have all the information you need, including odds, injuries, players who are suspended, etc, then you can make an informed decision on how to place a bet and on which team/ player, and how much money you will be wagering.

Keeping track of your bets and profit margins

If you have signed up for one or more bookmakers, it would be wise to keep track of your gaming activities. This includes the types of bets you have placed, the amount you have wagered, and the amount that you have pocketed in return or lost. If you want to wager and make the best of your football bets, we always suggest that you head over to renowned bookmakers which are fair, and also have decent odds.

Free bets are also an important element of your betting strategy, so keeping track of which bookies offer free bets, when and at which frequency will also see you an extra bet on top of your original bet slip. Some terms and conditions will of course apply, but let’s face it, we all like free stuff every once in a while.

We could continue telling you all the secrets that we know about how to bet on football and win, but today we summed up the top tips to follow. Just keep in mind that you can master the art of football betting, however, the bookmaker that you choose will ultimately make your experience memorable. Research on your chosen bookies is essential before placing bets.  Was the bookmaker fair in the odds offered? How long did other players have to wait to get their hands on their football bet winnings?  Is the bookie licensed?

These are the essential secrets of football betting, and remember, your strategy will see you win big, so invest in it wisely.

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