Top 10 Best Players in Saudi Pro League 2023-24

A Remarkable Surge of Talent in the Saudi Pro League

The Saudi Pro League has undergone an astonishing transformation, rapidly evolving into a realm of exceptional star power. Fueled by the financial prowess of the nation, leading clubs have harnessed their resources to acquire renowned players from across the world. This unprecedented development is captivating to observe, as Saudi Arabia earnestly endeavours to etch its presence on the global football stage.

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A Paradigm Shift after the Qatar World Cup

Following the Qatar World Cup, Saudi Arabia experienced a seismic shift in its football landscape. The nation witnessed an immense surge in player popularity and identified an opportunity to secure top-tier talents from the premier European clubs. Consequently, the league now boasts an illustrious array of celebrated players, contributing their expertise and charisma to every corner of the pitch.

The Financial Impetus: A Strategic Move

The infusion of substantial financial investments, predominantly by the state’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) into four major clubs—Al Nassr, Al Hilal, Al Ittihad, and Al Ahli—has catalyzed this paradigm shift. These clubs, now under state management, have orchestrated ambitious acquisitions. Smaller clubs such as Al Ettifaq and Al Shabab have also profited from this influx of talent, albeit on a relatively smaller scale.

Top 10 Players Shaping Saudi Pro League 2023-24

10. Allan Saint-Maximin – Al Ahli

The Magician of Dribble Transcends Continents

Allan Saint-Maximin, renowned as Europe’s dribbling prodigy, spent several years showcasing his skills at Newcastle. Now, in the prime of his career at 26, he has chosen to grace the Saudi Pro League with his mesmerizing dribbling prowess. Statistics reveal his prominence—4.80 successful take-ons and 7.34 progressive carries per 90 minutes—both ranking in the 99th percentile among European wingers. His unmistakable flair promises to make an indelible mark in the league.

9. Ruben Neves – Al Hilal

A Midfield Maestro’s Strategic Relocation

Ruben Neves, a 26-year-old midfield dynamo, made a notable decision to join Al Hilal after years of speculation linking him to Barcelona. Bucking the trend of players entering the league towards the twilight of their careers, Neves perceived the potential inherent in this league. His defensive prowess, akin to N’Golo Kante, has garnered him global acclaim and cemented his standing in the football world.

8. Anderson Talisca – Al Nassr

Brazillian Dynamo Reigns Supreme

A fixture at Al Nassr since 2021, Anderson Talisca’s arrival from the Chinese club Guangzhou Evergrande injected new energy into the league. His chemistry with fellow talents Ronaldo and Mane solidified Al Nassr’s claim to the most formidable attacking trio in the league. Impressively, Talisca’s prowess enabled him to notch an impressive tally of 40 goals across his initial two seasons with the club.

7. Aymeric Laporte – Al Nassr

From Etihad to Ascendant Heights

Aymeric Laporte, once a pillar of Manchester City’s defense, now shares the stage with luminaries like Cristiano Ronaldo and Sadio Mane at Al Nassr. With 12 prestigious titles, including a Champions League victory against Inter Milan, his experience and mettle are undeniable. A strategic move from a reserve role at Manchester City to a starring one in Saudi Arabia underscores his determination to flourish in a new setting.

6. N’Golo Kante – Al Ittihad

Midfield Dynamo Reinvents Himself

Exiting Chelsea after a seven-year tenure, N’Golo Kante brought his defensive mastery to Al Ittihad. His recent years at Chelsea were marred by injuries, but his exceptional work rate and two-way midfield skills endure. Managed by former Wolves coach Nuno Santo, Kante’s revival underlines his prowess as one of the world’s premier midfielders.

5. Sadio Mane – Al Nassr

Sadio Mane - Al Nassr

A Prodigal Return to Form

Sadio Mane’s illustrious career at Liverpool culminated in a Premier League triumph. His sojourn to Bayern Munich was marred by injuries and incompatibility, leading him to join Al Nassr alongside Ronaldo and Talisca. His early exploits in the league, netting three goals in as many matches, foreshadow a potentially formidable attacking trio.

4. Riyad Mahrez – Al Ahli

A Premier League Star’s New Chapter

After shining brightly as a left-winger in the Premier League, Riyad Mahrez’s transition to Al Ahli marks a fresh chapter. An integral part of Manchester City’s team, Mahrez’s move to Saudi Arabia signifies his aspiration to dominate the Saudi Pro League. With a commendable record of 28 goals in his final season at Manchester City, his impact is undeniable.

3. Karim Benzema – Al Ittihad

Karim Benzema - Al Ittihad

Striking Parallels in Stellar Careers

Karim Benzema’s storied career boasts five Champions League titles and a Ballon d’Or, highlighting his remarkable talent. A fixture in the Real Madrid squad, his move to Al Ittihad sets the stage for an enthralling rivalry with Cristiano Ronaldo in the Saudi Pro League.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo – Al Nassr

cristiano ronaldo al nassr

A Trailblazer’s Transformative Impact

Cristiano Ronaldo’s declaration that the Saudi Pro League would rise to global prominence ignited a wave of top-tier player signings. Since his arrival in January 2023, Ronaldo’s dynamic performance and influence have substantiated his claims. With a hattrick and an assist in a recent match, his magnetic presence is undeniably propelling the league into the limelight.

1. Neymar – Al Hilal

Neymar - Al Hilal

A Superstar’s Reverberating Entry

Neymar, celebrated for his elusive dribbling and remarkable speed, has perpetually been a target of defensive strategies. The 31-year-old’s decision to join the Saudi Pro League imparts significant gravitas to the league’s reputation. As the highest-paid player globally, his acquisition by Al Hilal represents a watershed moment, cementing his status as one of the era’s finest talents.


The Saudi Pro League’s extraordinary evolution into a bastion of global talent exemplifies the nation’s commitment to football excellence. Spearheaded by legendary players, the league is poised to redefine football dynamics in the years to come. As these luminaries share the stage, their collective brilliance promises an era of unmatched excitement and competition.

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