What Would the Premier League Look Like Without the Big Six?

The Big Six has become a common term for Man City, Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool in the Premier League era. Recently, these teams attempted to join the European Super League, made up of 12 of the biggest teams across Europe. But, after widespread backlash from the football community, the Big Six u-turned on their decision.

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Calls are being made to punish the clubs with sanctions ranging from fines, points deductions or, in the most extreme case, elimination from the Premier League.

While banishment from the Premier League is highly unlikely, pundits and fans have been left wondering what the league would look like if the Big Six were banned from the competition.

2020/21 Season Without Big Six

According to data from betting-offers.com, if the six clubs were taken out of the Premier League this season, the beneficiaries would be Leicester and West Ham. The two sides are currently third and fifth respectively in the 2020/21 league table.

West Ham, in particular, would be in a promising position. The Hammers have the second-best home record in the league this season, taking 31 points from a possible 48, following league leaders Manchester City. Also, if points won and lost against the Big Six teams were discounted, West Ham would be top of the Premier League table as they have taken 49 points from a possible 66 against the 14 teams outside the top six.

Leicester would also benefit. In a league without the Top Six, Leicester would have won 40 points in the Premier League.

Without the Big Six, teams like Everton, Aston Villa and Leeds would be battling for the top four. Although this is only a simulation, it shows how many clubs could benefit if severe punishment was dished out to the Top Six after their failed breakaway.

everton players celebrate goal against Tottenham
Image source: evertonfc.com

Everton has been challenging the Big Six for years, finishing in the top eight in 12 of the last 14 seasons. Leicester is the newest opponent to the likes of Man City, Chelsea and Man United at the top of the table. Since their promotion in 2014, Leicester finished in the top 10 in four of five seasons and famously won the league in 2016.

If the six teams were expelled from the Premier League, there would be a good chance for some of the mid-table sides to make a challenge for Europe.

Financial Parity

The playing field would also level in terms of spending without the Big Six in the Premier League. In the 2020/21 season, these clubs make up six of the top nine spenders in the Premier League. Chelsea, Man City and Spurs topped the spending lists for the Premier League. The Blues spent over £200 million on transfers for 2020/21, City £160 million and Spurs £99.5 million.

By comparison, over-achievers West Ham and Leicester spent £48 million and £57 million respectively this season, and both are on course to finish above Spurs and Arsenal on current standings.

14 clubs in the Premier League have to make shrewd signings and rely on player development to be competitive. For example, Burnley spent £990,000 this season, while seven teams in total spent under £50 million.

The Premier League would certainly be a lot closer if the Big Six were expelled from the competition. As reflected by the simulated league tables, teams would be a lot closer in the league standings come the end of the season.

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