Alexis Sanchez Joined Romelu Lukaku at Inter

The 30-year-old Chilean forward, Alexis Sanchez has been strongly linked with Inter Milan in the recent period and the transfer of Sanchez to Inter happened today.  

alexis sanchez inter
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Since his arrival at Manchester United in early 2018 from Arsenal, Alexis Sanchez seemingly failed to find his place in the club, who made it clear the Chilean striker is not among their key players going forward. With only 20 appearances in the Premier League in 2018/19, during which Alexis Sanchez scored only once, it should not come off as a surprise his career at Man United is slowly but surely coming to an end. Nonetheless, the contract ties him with the club until 2022, meaning Man United cannot get rid of the “undesired” Chilean striker for at least three more years.

Appearing as a perfect solution for Man United’s “problem” were Inter Milan, who expressed their desire to sign Alexis Sanchez on a loan. Hoping to further strengthen their attack, following the signing of Romelu Lukaku in early August, who is doing his best to convince his former teammate to come to join him at the Italian Peninsula. While everything seems like it’s perfectly set for the arrival of Alexis Sanchez at Inter Milan, the biggest obstacle keeping the deal from happening straight away were the wages, which are reportedly as high as €550,000 a week, a far too high number for Inter Milan. However, there are two unconventional, yet very effective solutions to the problem. Manchester United can either buy out the remainder of Alexis Sanchez’s contract in order to seal his exit from Old Trafford, which would amount to about €40 million. Or pay over half of his wages, considering Inter Milan are only prepared to pay €165,000 a week.

It was reported Manchester United and Inter representatives meet up this week, to further discuss the details about a possible move. It was also revealed the loan deal would possibly have a buyout option, giving Inter Milan a chance to make the move permanent. In the end, two teams have agreed for the 10-month deal which will cost Manchester United around £6m. However, no agreements have been made yet about wages. Inter insist on not paying more than half of Alexis Sanchez wager, whereas United refuse to pay over half of his wages. An interesting fact is that Manchester United and Inter have not agreed on an option to buy Sanchez at the end of the season.

Will the two sides seal the deal by then, the transfer will be beneficial for all four parties. Manchester United get rid of Alexis Sanchez, who failed to impress in the last 18 months, Inter will get a new solid addition to their squad, Alexis Sanchez will finally get some proper playtime, and most importantly, it will be Lukaku who will get to re-join with his former teammate.

Romelu Lukaku, who joined Inter on the English transfer deadline day for €80 million has reportedly urged Alexis Sanchez to come to join him in Inter, stating Milan is a much nicer city to live in compared to rainy Manchester. 

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