EPL Fantasy: Gameweek 3 Recap

The third week of Premier League has concluded on Sunday, August 25, leaving us with a handful of fixtures to look over, evaluate how our fantasy team performed and forge a plan going forward.

Following a rather welcome improvement in game week two, we have once again fallen on hard ground in week three, accumulating the least amount of points so far. Not much worse compared to game week one, yet not a very promising result either. But, just like previous gameweek recaps, let’s first look over which 11 players performed the best and earned their spot in the gameweek three dream team.

Dream Team Gameweek 3

dream team gameweek 3 - fantasy epl
Dream team gameweek 3 – Fantasy EPL.

Southampton goalkeeper Gunn emerged as the most efficient goalkeeper of the week with solid seven points to his name, which he earned in a 2-0 win against Brighton on Saturday, August 24. Joining him in the dream team was his teammate Jannik Vestergaard, who also performed admirably well against Brighton and earned nine points. Engels from Aston Villa and van Aanholt emerged as the second and first best performing defenders of the week with nine and 10 points respectively.

Moving to the midfield, we have Salah (15), Redmond (10), David Silva (10) and Noble (9) as the best four midfielders of the week. Salah, Redmond and Noble scored a goal in their most recent fixture, whereas it was David Silva who helped the Sky Blues defeat Bournemouth with two assists. As for the strikers, all Abraham, Haller and Aguero earned 13 points with their performances in round three of Premier League. Abraham scored twice against Norwich to help Lampard and his men to their first W of the season, Sebastien Haller scored twice against Watford in the span of 10 minutes, to secure the first W for West Ham this season, whereas Aguero managed to use both of his chances against Bournemouth to score his third and fourth goal of the season.

In total the dream team of gameweek three earned 118 points, which is less than the previous two weeks when the best 11 players of the week accumulated 142 and 124 points respectively.

Our Fantasy Team

Our fantasy EPL team
Our fantasy EPL team


Hugo Lloris and his crew visited Newcastle on Sunday, August 25, when they suffered a shock 0:1 defeat thanks to Joelinton’s goal in 27th minute which kept the visiting side in the lead for the remainder of the match. Tottenham failed to use their chances on that day despite 80% ball possession and 17 goal attempts. Sadly for us, the conceded goal left Lloris with only two points.


We are not proud to say, yet it has to be done. Week three was the worst week for our defenders, who only five points between them. Van Dijk walked away with Liverpool’s clash with Arsenal with only two points, as he was sadly not involved in any of the Reds three goals on top of suffering a goal in late 85th minute. While we were disappointed by his performance, it was Coleman and his zero points this week that shook us. Everton lost their first match of the season on Friday when they visited Aston Villa and lost 2-0.

Next to our Everton defender stood Laporte who just like van Dijk earned two points against Bournemouth on Sunday, as he failed to help the Sky Blues keep a clean sheet. Last but not least, Cathcart earned us one point in Watford’s defeat (1-3) against West Ham.


Much like our defenders, the midfielders failed to live up to the expectations. Neves and Wolves underperformed against Burnley, yet they can be happy they earned a draw at Molineux Stadium with a 90’+7 goal via penalty. Failing to produce anything noteworthy, Neves walked away from the match with only two points. Our new addition to the team, Trossard suffered a painful 0-2 defeat against Brighton, meaning, he as well earned mere two points. Joining the two-point club, we have Perez, who can be happy his team dismantled Sheffield United in an away match (1-2), sadly he did not contribute any assists nor a goal for the Foxes. That leaves us with our captain, Sadio Mane, who failed to duplicate his impressive performance against Southampton last week. In the fixture against Arsenal, Mane did not score nor did assist in any of the three goals, leaving him with only 3 points, which doubled, give us six in total.


Jota finished his third gameweek with two points, as we wait for him to wake up and start performing up to the expectations we have for him. Will he manage to use all his potential and impress is yet to be seen, but should he not we might be looking for a replacement sooner or later. We end our list with our best performing player of the week, who earned his spot in the dreamteam as well. We are of course talking about Sergio Aguero, who improved upon his performance in gameweek one and two, with two goals against Bournemouth to secure a total of 13 points to his name and into our fantasy team.

As we have already mentioned, our fantasy team produced a total of 34 points, two less than our gameweek one and 32 less than our gameweek two result. To be fair, there are not a lot of positives to take from this gameweek. The only player who produced anything noteworthy was Aguero, while the remaining 10 averaged less than 2 points. Looking over the performance of all the player over the last couple of weeks, we will make some much-needed changes ahead of round 4 of Premier League, what will those be, will get revealed in our next article.

FootballTalk.org Fantasy EPL

Let’s take a look at the table of our Fantasy league after gameweek 3.

footballtalk fantasy epl
Footballtalk.org fantasy EPL table

In our fantasy league, Dominik Mayr and his team “Downhill from Here” still standing at the top with 224 points, while the difference between the second team ”Izzy fc” and 10th “Point Bay AC” is only 8 points.

Downhill from Here team
Downhill from Here team collected 72 points.

Dominik Mayr has made 3 changes ahead gameweek 3 and went -4, but those changes brought him 72 points. He has 4 players with more than 10 points: Sterling (C) 16 points, Salah 15 points, Haller 13 points and Pukki 11 points. Dominik is in the top 3000 players in Fantasy EPL and we are proud that we have a high-rank player from our league. This is just a beginning and we expect an interesting battle in the next period.

That’s all for the Gameewek 3 recap. Soon we will publish a new article with the advice and tips for Gameweek 3.

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