Tottenham Giving Up on Signing Julian Draxler

Julian Draxler, the German attacking midfielder and currently a player for Paris Saint Germain has been linked with a transfer move this summer, which is something he does not agree with.

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Julian Draxler is a 25-year old German midfielder, who is a product of Schalke youth academy started off his football career in Schalke, a team he remained with up until August 2015, when he moved to Wolfsburg. Proving his worth with his new team, it did not take long for him to receive an offer from Paris  Saint Germain, who acquired Julian Draxler from Wolfsburg in January 2017 for 36,00 million €. Ever since he joined PSG, Draxler accumulated a total of 118 appearances in the course of which he scored 20 goals and added 25 assists. While he failed to put up impressive numbers for the French champions, Draxler still played a huge role in the team, where he enjoys playing football and is generally happy. In an interview for Kicker magazine he stated:

“I feel very happy here, I am playing for a great coach at a great club.”

While it’s nice to see a player enjoying his stay at the club, this is a huge thorn in the side of Tottenham Hotspur, Bayern Munich and Bayern Leverkusen, who all expressed their desire to sign Draxler this summer. When asked about a possible move to one of the three clubs, Draxler told Kicker that he would like to instead be given another contract which would extend his stay in France.

“PSG is a crazy club in a positive way, things can happen from one day to the next, but I don’t think anybody is looking to kick me out here.”

“I will prepare for next season just like the last, and if I am offered a new contract, I will listen.”

Later he was interviewed by Bild. When he was directly asked about moving to another club, Draxler simply responded with having “no intention” of doing so. To that, he added that he has not been informed about a possible transfer from his club, which just might point towards the fact that rumours could not hold any weight.

As it seems, it will be hard or close to impossible to convince Draxler in leaving the club, which could prove to be a problem for Tottenham Hotspurs, who out of three suitors need a strong midfield the most. Since the future of their star playmaker Christian Eriksen is uncertain, Spurs have decided to move quickly and look for a possible replacement. Being that their plan A (Draxler) seems to be unreachable, the recent reports suggest Spurs already made a move towards Real Betis midfielder Giovani Lo Celso, who would fit the role of playmaker Spurs desperately need perfectly. But even that transfer does not seem to be without a problem. Despite offering £62m for Lo Celso, Real Betis demand more money from Tottenham Hotspur, who with their bid failed to reach the set release clause of £88m.

Will Spurs get their new playmaker from Real Betis is yet to be seen, however combining Draxler’s comments with Spurs’ switch of interest in Lo Celso, we can safely assume Draxler will not be joining Premier League anytime soon.

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