Xavi Simons – The Young Teenage Football Sensation

Football fans around the world are always enthusiastic to see their youth academy players in their first team. These fans follow the progress these young lads are making in the youth teams. Some of them even become quite a celebrity as a lot is expected of them.

In this article, we will help you to find out more about the new football superstar Xavi Simons.

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1. Who is Xavi Simons?

Xavi Simons is one such youngster who has managed to get celebrity status. He has 2.5 million followers on Instagram and in March 2020 his name appeared in the Goal’s NxGn 2020 of 50 best wonderkids.

He is actually named after the FC Barcelona great Xavi himself. The youngster’s father was a professional player who played for Fortuna Sittard is a big FC Barcelona fan. Thus he named his son after the former Barca midfield maestro Xavi Hernandez.

Xavi Simons once revealed that the former Spanish international is his idol as well.

He said: “I was with the physio when Xavi came over when I told him that my name was also Xavi, he laughed. It was funny. He’s my idol “.

Xavi has also won the Young Ballon D’or four times as well. He is touted to be the next big thing in football and he has already signed a sponsorship contract with sports manufacturing giants Nike.


Xavi is yet to represent his native land Netherlands but he has represented them in U-15, U -16, U 17 categories. There are big expectations from the Dutchman and he is also one of the highest-earning teenagers in world football as well.

2. What age is Xavi Simons?

Xavi Simons was born on 21st April 2003 and he is now 17 years old.

3. Why did Xavi Simons leave FC Barcelona?

Xavi Simons was one of the most exciting prospects at La Masia. He joined the club in 2010 and his talent was quite evident. Even the likes of Chelsea and Real Madrid tried to sign him. In 2019 he left Barca after his contact with the Catalans expired. His move to PSG has been also compared to that of Neymar’s move to the French giants. The reason he left Barca was that he wants to play for the first team as soon as possible and at PSG it looks more likely to happen than at Barca.

4. How much does Xavi Simons gets paid?

Xavi signed a contract with PSG in 2019 which runs till 2022. The teenager earns 500,000 euros a year with the French giants.

5. Who is Xavi Simons father?

Xavi Simons’ father is Regillio Simons. He is not quite a celebrity like his son but he was also a professional football player. He spent most of his career in the Dutch football and he played as a striker. In total, Regillio Simons made 212 appearances. He has also been a manager when he was managed the Ajax amateur team.

6. How much is Xavi Simons worth?

The Dutchman’s net worth is expected to be around $1 million to €5 million. He earns €1 million a year from PSG. His Instagram account has already had more than 2 million followers. Xavi Simons is only 17 and it’s unlikely that he can own property in his own name but his net worth will increase once he turns 18 and he is able to own property in his own name.

7. Which country is Xavi Simons from?

Xavier Quentin Shay Simons is from Netherlands and he was born in the capital of the country Amsterdam.

8. Who is Xavi Simons agent?

It is very common for players to be represented by agents. However it unprecedented for a teenager to be represented by the infamous super-agent Mino Raiola. The super-agent said that he considers himself as a friend to Simons rather than an adviser. It was only after Xavi Simons became a client of Raiola did the Dutchman left Barca to join PSG.

9. Who does Xavi Simons play for?

Currently, he playing for Ligue 1 side Paris Saint Germain.

Video:17-Year-old Xavi Simons Debut for PSG (05/08/2020).

10. What number is Xavi Simons?

Xavi Simons currently jersey number is 11. At the start of the 2019/20 season, he was given jersey No.15 by the club. During the course of the season itself, his jersey number was changed twice. First, his jersey number was changed from 15 to 11 and then from 11 he was given the number 10.

11. What position does Xavi Simons play?

Xavi plays as a midfielder.

12. Why Xavi Simons is famous?

The fact that he earns $1 million euros every year at the age of 17 clearly represents how highly PSG rate him. Mino Raiola is his agent, the super-agent is infamous for making lots of money through the transfer of his clients. It could be that Riaola got ahead of everyone in the queue because he sees big money coming in through the player. Even the sports brand Nike jumped the queue to sponsor him.

All these factors clearly indicate that people in the football world view him as the next big thing in world football. The Dutchman is known for his technical quality and outstanding vision on the field. Usually, from young age strikers, attacking midfielder or wingers get such attention.

Xavi plays as a central midfielder and he already in so much limelight. He is very tidy in possession and looks to find his teammate in space as well. The former La Masia midfielder is very skilful and his passing is very crisp, something you would expect from a La Masia player.

13. What we can expect from Xavi Simons in the future?

The big concern for Xavi would be that now he will deliver. The talent is obviously there but he will need to keep his head down and continue to work hard. Also with the kind of money he has, it is more than good enough to spoil any young lad.

He left Barca because he wanted to play for the first team as soon as possible. While some also speculate that Mino Raiola might have influenced his decision to leave the club.

However, considering the present situation and watching young players like Ansu Fati been given chances he might regret his decision. Barca’s transfers in recent years have been big disasters and young players are being promoted by the club. While he may get the chance to play for PSG but the Ligue 1 is simply no match to the level of competitiveness offered by La Liga.

However regardless of his decision, right now he has to deliver at the club which has invested a lot of money in him. All this hype has to be shown on the pitch as well. Though it might not have been the correct decision to leave Barca now he has to make the choice of signing for PSG the right one.

There is pressure on him and the club will now have to take care of that the pressure does not hamper his growth. The people around the club, the coaches, the manager have to give him guidance and the player must execute the same to match his talent and be successful.

14. Xavi Simons Skills (Video)

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