Is Harry Kane better than Alan Shearer?

Coronavirus doesn’t appear as if it will let English football resume any time soon. With no matches in play, it seems as if the football journalism industry is relying on transfer rumours as content.

It feels wrong that football fans across the world are only allowed to see headlines saying, “5 reasons Paul Pogba should move to Real Madrid – number 3 will SHOCK you!” Although these tabloid headlines seemingly won’t disappear, I will change things up a bit.

During the long-gone times when we were allowed to go out, there was one question that surfaced in many English pub debates: is Harry Kane better than Alan Shearer?

Harry Kane vs Alan Shearer!

harry kane vs alan shearer
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Alan Shearer

Shearer, the Premier League’s top scorer ever with 260, was a passionate striker who scored goals at his breathing rate. He was purely unstoppable. You wouldn’t go many matches without seeing his signature goal celebration – running with an arm in the air. Shearer scored in January 2003 against Manchester City one of the fastest goals in Premier League (10.52 s).

Alan Shearer was an old-fashioned striker, with an old-fashioned celebration. However, his mentality was modern and unique. Despite the fact that goals were all about Shearer, Shearer wasn’t all about goals. The former Blackburn and Newcastle legend was quoted in an interview saying, 

“Football’s not just about scoring goals – it’s about winning.

“Sometimes going in for a hard tackle generates a louder cheer than a great pass.

“I would play in any number shirt for Newcastle United, but the No 9 at Newcastle is something very special and I’ve always wanted to wear it.”

Harry Kane

Throughout Harry Kane’s time in the spotlight, he has essentially mirrored Shearer’s playing style. A slow striker with incredible strength, England captain Kane naturally produces goals.

There is a lot of pressure on the 26-year-old on whether he will match Shearer’s league record and Wayne Rooney’s England goalscoring record. At the rate that he is going for the National team, Rooney’s record seems very beatable for the Tottenham Hotspur man.

Although, one of the most valuable players in the world, Kane finds it easy to fire goals in the net consistently, injuries have repeatedly got the better of him. For the past two seasons, they have disallowed Kane chances to become the top scorer. 

The only way Kane will become the Premier League’s all-time top scorer is if circumstances revert back to three or four seasons ago. Spurs’ midfield for providing assists was phenomenal. A prime Dele Alli and Christian Eriksen were terrifying to defend against. Kane had no significant injuries, and it was a dreamland for Tottenham fans.

If the out-and-out striker moved to a team like Manchester City or Manchester United with world-class midfielders, two goals every game wouldn’t be off the cards. Its Kane’s decision whether or not he would like to transfer to a different club to increase chances of Premier League glory and top scorer. Right now, Spurs does not seem like the club a player with Kane’s reputation should be at.

Unlike Shearer, Harry Kane doesn’t seem as if he is going to win a Premier League trophy. However, if he doesn’t retire before 35 the top scorer accolade seems possible. Kane could do what Shearer couldn’t – lead the Three Lions to the semi-finals of the World Cup.

They are very comparable players, but to come up with an overall decision on who is better would be very tough. They are both some of the finest players that have ever graced the Premier League. Unbiasedely, can you decide which striker is better?

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