EPL Fantasy: Gameweek 6 Recap

Another week has passed and another round of EPL has concluded, meaning it’s again time for us to look how our fantasy team performed, what went right, what went wrong and how do we measure up to previous weeks.

We finished out Gameweek 6 with a total of 44 points, which is nothing to boast about, yet at the same time, we can at least comfort ourselves, by saying we could end up with significantly fewer points. And while we could share our thoughts about our performance here, let’s first look over the dreamteam of gameweek 6, which not surprisingly consists of five Manchester City players.

Fantasy EPL Dream Team – Gameweek 6

epl fantasy dream team gameweek 6 (GW6)

Aaron Ramsdale emerged as the best goalkeeper of round six, with his superb performance against Southampton, where he not only played the role of a goalkeeper but also helped his team with an assist. The assist, while a result of Southampton’s mistake in the defence was still an assist in our and EFL’s books, meaning Ramsdale walked away with 10 points to his name.

Joining him in the back, we have Otamendi (15), Cresswell (14), Lundstram (12) and Pereira (9). Ottamendi was just incredible in Man City’s match against Watford, where he not only passed for an assist, but also contributed a goal, and all that in barely 62 minutes he spent on the pitch. Cresswell, while not involved in such an impressive win as Ottamendi, managed to keep a clean sheet against Manchester United, where he was also one of the two goalscorers that sunk Red Devil’s ship. Talking about defenders that scored a goal, it was also Pereira, who scored an incredibly important goal against Tottenham, were forced to walk away from King Power Stadium emptyhanded. Last but not least, Lundstram earned 12 points with his incredible display against Everton, where he helped his team win 2:0 with his first assist of the season.

In the midfield, we get greeted by four Manchester City players in Bernardo Silva (19), De Bruyne (17), Mahrez (15) and David Silva (11), joined by Yarmolenko from West Ham. Regarding the Manchester City players, there is not a lot to say that has not already been said, seeing how their trashing of Watford made all the headlines. Bernardo Silva scored a hat-trick, De Bruyne contributed a goal and two assists, which is the same as Mahrez, whereas David Silva scored once and added one assist. Yarmolenko on the other side was the second scored alongside Cresswell in West Ham’s fixture against Manchester United.

Only one striker found his way into the dreamteam this gameweek, and that was Wood, who helped Burnley crush Norwich with two goals to his name, which earned him 13 points.

In total the dreamteam from gameweek six accumulated 146 points, which is as of now the record for this season, passing the 142 points of week one dreamteam.

Our Fantasy EPL Team

With the top 11 players out of the way, it’s time to look over how our team performed.

epl fantasy team - gw6 - footballtalk


The decision to swap out Lloris for Pope proved to be the right move. Pope walked away from this gameweek with six points, whereas Lloris earned none. Seeing how Pope could be competitive with Lloris in terms of points since Tottenham are not as solid we had hoped, we could make a slight change in our goalkeeper department ahead of next gameweek. But more on that in our next article.


To be fair, our defensive line was more successful compared to gameweek five. That being said, it was nowhere near as impressive as we had hoped it to be. Van Dijk and Coleman both produced two points, whereas Digne walked away with only one, meaning we ended with barely five points. We did have Zinchenko in our team as well, but seeing how he did not play for Man City this week, he did not find his way to our final team.


Midfield produced slightly better results compared to our defensive line, but not by much. Perez, El Ghazi, Cantwell and Mane accumulated 11 points, which is a huge decrease compared to the last gameweek, where we earned 20 points. Perez was involved in an impressive win over Tottenham but failed to find his way to the net. El Ghazi on the other side helped Aston Villa in their clash with Arsenal with his first assist of the season, which earned him five points, Mane earned only two points against Chelsea, which is bad, but not as bad as the news that he supposedly suffered an injury and could be out of the team for a while, and lastly we have Cresswell who has powerless against Burnley with no goals nor assists to his name, resulting in two points.


Pukki walked away from this gameweek with two points, as a result of his failure to score a goal against Burnley. The last gameweek was also his second game so far this season he failed to find a net. That on its own is nothing to worry about in terms of our trust in him to perform in the upcoming gameweeks, it’s only a fun fact I wanted to share. Standing next to him, we had Barnes, who was involved in an impressive win against Norwich, yet, he was not involved in either of the two goals. Two points for him as well. Last but not least, we have Aguero, who as expected contributed to his Man City’s impressive win over Watford, yet he did not do as much as we had hoped. He produced only one goal and one assist, which earned them nine points, which doubled, earned us 18.

All in all, it was a mediocre week, to say the least. Not a lot to be proud of, yet not so bad to make us mad nor sad about it. Heading forward, we will have to figure out what to do with Mane and how to address Lloris and the questionable form of Tottenham. But, as we always say, we will share our plans in our next article, where we reveal how we plan to approach the next gameweek.

FootballTalk.org Fantasy EPL

In our Fantasy league, we have a new leader. It’s Kristian Nagel Andersen and his team “Buggebakken City” which collected 73 points.

footballtalk.org fantasy epl table gw6

The best team in the GW6 was “Gnagy” who collected 94 points. He decided to use “triple captain” on Kun Aguero which brought him 27 points. Many FPL managers expected many points from Sterling in the GW6, but Pep Guardiola has decided to bench him and disappointed the majority of FPL managers. 

We are still at the beginning of the Fantasy EPL marathon, so take a rest few days until GW 7. 

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