A bettors guide to the Champions League

Even if it’s only a couple of weeks since the most entertaining World Cup final of all time, there is only a couple of weeks left until the pinnacle of club football goes into one of its most entertaining stages. The draw for the round of 16 has been decided for some time now and there is plenty to look forward to. 

champions league trophy

If you’re someone who enjoys betting on a somewhat regular basis, the Champions League is one of the highlights on a bettors calendar. There are plenty of things to bet on throughout the tournament, but placing a long term bet before the round of 16 can add a whole lot of excitement to the tournament. Regardless of whether you’re someone interested in trying out value betting or if you have your own methods that you prefer, we’re going to share some interesting ways you approach the play-off stage of the champions league as a bettor. 

Make combination bets over several different games 

If you’re someone who likes watching many matches during the course of the playoffs in combination with high odds, placing a combination bet might be something that interests you further. Combination bets can be relatively straightforward or incredibly complex depending on your appetite for risk. By making a combination bet for several different games you can build as complex or as simple a bet as you prefer.

Bet on an individual player 

Betting on an individual player and how they are going to perform throughout is something that can add a new layer of analysis and depth to betting. By, for example, placing a bet on Kylian Mbappe scoring the most goals in the playoffs you have a bet to follow closely, while usually also being able to take on somewhat higher odds. This can be done over the course of two games or for the entire playoffs but leaves one extremely vulnerable if the player’s team is eliminated early on.  

Betting on the number of goals scored over two matches 

Since the rounds of the Champions League playoffs are played in two stretches it can be entertaining to place a bet that runs throughout the course of both games. This type of bet is more of a slow burn and can be a lot of fun. Betting on the number of goals being scored over two matches is both an art and a science, and could be something to try out. 

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