The Greatest Records in Football

The game of football is very entertaining and renowned worldwide. Over the years, we have seen great players who are legends in the sport do incredible things. These players have posted impressive stats and set records equal to none.

The records were set across different competitions in the world in front of thousands of spectators. Some players still have active careers and could take the stats out of reach. So, which are these world records, and who are the players responsible for them? Let’s have a look.

cristiano ronaldo celbrates gola against luxembourg


The player with the most official goals currently has 832 goals. It comes as no surprise that Cristiano Ronaldo holds this record. The Portuguese star has had impressive spells across different teams in Europe. 

Ronaldo’s best-ever form and goal-scoring tally were recorded during his spell in Spain. He scored a whopping 450 goals for Real Madrid. Additionally, he scored 145 goals for Manchester United, 101 for Juventus, 5 for Sporting CP, and 122 for his national team. He is currently playing for Al Nasry and has 9 goals to his name, making him a sports betting favorite to score anytime.


The record for the most assists in football history goes to Lionel Messi. The Argentine sensation is a talisman and playmaker for his teammates. He holds a record of 390 assists, 105 assists more than the runners-up, Luis Suarez. 


Currently, he plays for the French side Paris Saint Germain and has so far racked up 16 assists in 29 matches. His best career stats came when he was playing for FC Barcelona. He featured in 778 games for Barcelona and provided 266 assists for his teammates. He is still adding up to his tally, and whenever he plays, you can wager on that he will provide an assist.

Clean Sheets

In football, goalkeepers are judged based on the number of goals they concede rather than the goals they score or assists they provide. A goalkeeper with the fewest goals conceded is considered the best. Gianluigi Buffon holds the record for the most clean sheets in football history. 

Gianluigi Buffon

The Italian shot-stopper has had an illustrious career featuring great teams in Europe. He won the 2006 World Cup with his national team Italy and is best known for penalty and free-kick saves. He boasts an impressive 501 clean sheets during his career, a record equalled by no one else. He has a 44% save percentage, and the Italian goalkeeper will go down as one of the greatest to stand between the goalposts.

Trophies Won

Dani Alves is one of the most decorated players in football history. He has had an illustrious career featuring several teams. Over the years, he has collected multiple trophies. The Brazilian defender got his first trophy playing for Sevilla when they won the UEFA Super Cup. He has a tally of 43 trophies in his name.

However, Lionel Messi trails the Brazilian with 42 trophies after securing a World Cup win. Many football fans and bookmakers like to speculate that Messi will soon surpass Alves’ record, especially given his impressive form at Paris Saint-Germain. Only time will tell if Messi will achieve this remarkable feat.

Final Words

Football records are changing, with active players raising the bar much higher. This article has featured some of the greatest players to grace the football pitch and have set records that seem impossible to shatter. With football ushering in a new era of players every day, who will stand out and break these records? Only time will tell.

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