James Rodriguez and His Future at Real Madrid

Real Madrid have been highly active this summer transfer window, signing some big names, and on the other side producing quite a stir in the transfer market by dropping some big names as players who could potentially be up for sale as well. As it seems Zinedine Zidane has a plan to completely restructure Real Madrid which should get them back at the top of European football. That, however, means no player is safe which includes James Rodriguez, whose future in Real Madrid is at the moment uncertain.

James Rodriguez of Colombia
SAO PAULO, BRAZIL – JUNE 28: James Rodriguez of Colombia waves during the Copa America Brazil 2019 quarterfinal match between Colombia and Chile at Arena Corinthians on June 28, 2019 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Photo by Chris Brunskill/Fantasista/Getty Images)

James Rodriguez who joined Real Madrid in 2014 from Monaco for €75 million has found himself as a player whose future in Real Madrid has been put under a huge question mark. Despite the fact he has not played for Real Madrid last season when he got loaned out to Bayern Munich, James Rodriguez is still an exceptional player who could potentially play a key role in Los Blancos’s future. That is, however, if Zidane decides to keep the 28-year-old Columbian player. If he falls out of favour however, there are plenty of suitors who would not mind signing James Rodriguez and improve their squad.

As it was reported it’s Napoli who expressed their desire to get James Rodriguez’s contract. The talks between clubs have lasted for a while, but with no avail. It was said Napoli requested a loan for James Rodriguez, which did not go well with Perez, who decided against it. Instead, he put a €50 million pricetag on James Rodriguez, which should help finance Real Madrid’s heavy spending this summer. That price tag, however, complicated things with Gli Azzurri.

But it’s not only Napoli as there are two more clubs which have expressed their admiration for James Rodriguez and their desire to sign him. Those two clubs are Juventus and Atletico Madrid, meaning Perez has plenty of options if Napoli fails to offer a suitable offer, especially considering both Juventus and Atletico Madrid have the needed money to complete the deal. There, however, is the problem of sending player like James Rodriguez to a club that could one day play against Real Madrid. Atletico Madrid, of course, are the first that pop in our minds, as they will, just like any year, try to contest LaLiga title. Juventus on the other side won’t be able to cross paths with Real Madrid in LaLiga. But the same cannot be said for Real Marid’s UCL campaign, where Juventus can prove to be a real threat. Imagine losing UCL finals against Juventus with James Rodriguez scoring the game-winning goal. That is understandably something Perez will want to avoid.

Real Madrid now have got a huge dilemma at their hands. Meanwhile all James Rodriguez can do is wait for the final decision. As he has stated, he is not worried where he might end up. James Rodriguez believes he will land “on his feet” regardless if Real Madrid decide to keep him, send him to Atletico or even across the Atlantic. Keeping ahold of James Rodriguez might be a simple solution for Real Madrid, however, they already have two other players who play at the same position, Isco and Ceballos, which means one of the three needs to go. Who, when or where is something we can only guess at the moment, however as it seems it’s James Rodriguez who is closest to an actual transfer, despite the unconfirmed rumours that linked Isco to Manchester City earlier this month.

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