Which Teams Could Surprise in EPL in 2019/20?

Most of the football leagues tend to be dominated by only a handful of teams that finish at the top spots year after year. However, every once in a while an underdog emerges and breaks through into the top of the league standings, shocking the world and league fans alike. When it comes to EPL, it was Leicester in 2015/16 season, when they took the world by surprise and finished 1st, over 10 points ahead of Arsenal. While they failed to live up to the expectations in years that followed, we can’t help but wonder when will we get to see another team shocking the Premier League and finish well above the expectations? This is sadly something we will never know for sure until it happens, however, there are still a few teams that look like they just might surprise us in 2019/20 EPL and finish above the expectations.

 Jamie Vardy of Leicester City
SCUNTHORPE, ENGLAND – JULY 16: Jamie Vardy of Leicester City in action during the Pre-Season Friendly match between Scunthorpe United and Leicester City at Glanford Park on July 16, 2019 in Scunthorpe, England. (Photo by Plumb Images/Leicester City via Getty Images)


It’s hard to expect them to repeat their 2015/16 run and to be fair, it would be a miracle if they manage to do so. Nonetheless, the former EPL champions look fairly strong ahead of 2019/20 season, and with all the new arrivals, hopes are high for the Foxes to perform up to par and compete for a Euro spot next season. During summer they have added Tielemans and Perez to their team as two of the biggest signings, who look like a perfect fit into what can only be described as a very solid and balanced team. Additionally, the team has clearly improved since the arrival of Brendan Rodgers in February, and should there be no major injuries, Leicester could prove to be a serious threat even for some of the strongest teams in the EPL.


Recently promoted and filled with hope they can compete against the top dogs in England, we have got Aston Villa, who have been very active in the transfer window, hoping to build a team that will be able to withstand the strongest teams in the EPL. Their list of new arrivals is fairly long, however out of all, the most promising are without a doubt Wesley from Brugge, Mings from Bournemouth, Targett from Southampton and the youngster Konsa from Brentford. At first glance it may seem like Aston Villa are following the footsteps of Fulham, however, a closer inspection does reveal all the transfers were carefully calculated and seem like they are all a perfect fit for Dean Smith’s squad who has returned back in the EPL after 3 long years.

While many believe Aston Villa might not have the easiest time in EPL next season, they do come off as a tea who is more than capable of carrying their own weight and keep themselves above the relegation zone. Should Wesley prove his worth and score goals on a regular basis and should their newly built defence manage to hold off the EPL offence, Aston Villa just might finish well above the bottom 3 and maybe even compete for a mid-table finish.

Sebastien Haller west ham
LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 17: West Ham United unveil their new record signing Sebastien Haller on July 17, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by West Ham United FC/West Ham United FC via Getty Images)


Lastly, we have got West Ham, who consistently finish in the upper part of the EPL table. However, when it comes to predicting where the Hammers will end up in the next season, it’s always proved to be a tricky hard task as they come off as a team who can either finish 10th or push for a top 5. In the end, it will all come down to how they will approach the transfer market, which is especially true after the departure of Arnautovic, Nasri and Carroll. As it stands now, the Hammers already signed Haller and Fornalis, who are expected to strengthen their attacking line and while those are two good additions, there is a lot more work West Ham has to do before they can call the 2019 transfer market a success.  Should the team reinforce their midfield further and add another great striker, West Ham could have a potential to compete for the top spots in the league and surprise everyone. But as we have mentioned, when it comes to West Ham, you never know what you’re going to get.

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