Promotion Battle in LaLiga2, Can Granada Hold On?

With 6 more rounds in LaLiga2, the fight for promotion is nowhere near over, as there are 6 teams that could potentially end up in LaLiga next season.

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The month of May is here and with that, we are closing in to the end of most of the soccer leagues. While it’s a rather sad part of the year, when our favourite leagues slowly die out, it’s also one of the most entertaining ones, as it offers teams to harvest the fruits of the hard work they put in throughout the year. Some teams fight for the title, others fight for a spot in European tournaments while the third fight for promotion to test their skills in a higher division next year. For this article, we will focus on the latter and for that, we need to travel to Spanish LaLiga2, where we have got 6 teams who could all potentially end up in the 1st division Spanish football next year.

As it stands now, Osasuna leads the LaLiga2 with a 22-7-7 record and 73 points. Close behind trails Granada CF with a 19-10-7 record and 67 points. At third, tied with Granada, we have got Albacete with a 17-13-6 record and 64 points. While those three teams look to be in the best position to fight for the promotion, there are also 2 other teams who could potentially climb to the top in the remaining 6 rounds. The 4th and 5th places look as follows:

Mallorca; 17-10-9; 61 pts

Cadiz; 16-12-8; 60 pts

We can see there is a rather small gap between the 2nd placed Granada and 5th placed Cadiz, who trail by only 7 points. While 7 points difference between two teams usually means quite a huge gap, we must take into consideration there are 3 teams chasing Granada and Osasuna at the top with 6 more rounds to be played, which spells out potential 18 points to gain or lose. With that in mind, it will all come down to consistency and of course, the schedules of the teams.

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Out of all the competitors, Osasuna more or less proved they have got the quality and desire to end the season at the top, which they ultimately will. With an impressive record of 22-7-7, I do not see any team stopping them from finishing in the top 2. In the worst case scenario, they would have to lose 9 points, only to give Albacete a chance to catch up, which is quite unlikely. With Osasuna more or less guaranteed to get promoted, we are left with Granada, who are only 3 points from losing their promotion spot.

Looking at their upcoming fixtures, Granada has quite an interesting schedule, which will put them against all of the top 6 teams, excluding Osasuna and Malaga. On May 19th, Granada will play against Albacete (A), in the next round, they will get to play against Cadiz (H) and only a week later against Mallorca (A).

Granada schedule alone will make this race for the promotion highly entertaining to watch. Should Granada perform well against the three opponents, they will more or less secure the 2nd spot in the league, however, a simple slip could result in a disappointing finish of the season for them. While Granada are still far from securing the promotion, the “Nazaríes” can be happy with poor performances and poor form from Albacete, Mallorca and Cadiz in recent games, which makes them less of a threat.

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