Man United Welcome Lisandro Martinez After Signing for £56.7m

It’s official: Argentine football player Lisandro Martínez has transferred from Ajax to Premier League club Manchester United. The transfer was announced on July 16th and completed on July 27th, breaking both a previous contract and a typical transfer window. The final cost was £56.7 million—a number that might make you want to look for an online football betting site. So, why did Lisandro Martínez cost so much, and how did this unusual transfer come about? Read on to find out. 

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Who is Lisandro Martínez?

At 24 years old, Lisandro (“Licha”) Martínez is a relatively new player. He made his professional debut with Newell’s Old Boys in the 2016–17 season. He then played on Defensa y Justicia for two years before moving to Ajax. Since joining Ajax, he has performed well in the Dutch Eredivisie (the equivalent of Premier League) and the KNVB Cup. He has also won a Johan Cryuff Shield—one of the highest trophies in Dutch football. Martínez was Ajax’s “Player of the Year” for 2021–22.

Martínez loves being in the more active parts of football. He usually plays centre-back, but can also play as a left-back or central midfielder. In the 2021–22 season, he passed more often than any other Eredivisie player in 90 minutes. His aggressive playing style has earned him the nickname “the Butcher.”

Why Did He Transfer?

Everything that Martínez says points to the Manchester United transfer being his idea. This interview on EuroSport cites Martínez calling Manchester United his “perfect club.” He wishes to share his experience with the club and test himself in new waters.

But he’s not abandoning Ajax. Some of his massive new earnings are predicted to go to his previous clubs. Fans of Ajax won’t have to worry; more often than not, financial support means a team can attract new talent. They will still miss “Licha” dearly.

Why Man Utd?

The better question is “why not Manchester United?” Manchester United is a well-known British club, and Premier League clubs pay better than any club in Europe. Most football players would jump at the chance to be on a Premier League team, especially one as prestigious as Manchester United.

Unfortunately, Manchester United suffered a dramatic loss against the Brighton Seagulls earlier this year. This led the club to consider a total revamp. They got Erik ten Hag, the former manager of Dutch club Ajax, to get the club into better shape. Since then, Manchester United has been buying every good player they can get. Given Martínez’s motivation, he should be able to take the club to new heights. 

Martínez and Ten Hag Know Each Other

Throughout the interview on Manchester United’s official page, the fact that Martínez is very familiar with the current manager of Man Utd., Erik ten Hag, comes up repeatedly. Previously the manager of Ajax, Ten Hag agreed to manage the club after the Red Devils’ crushing defeat earlier this year. Martínez was also on Ajax before transferring to Man Utd. Ten Hag is an excellent manager and will be working with a player that he knows well. This can only be good for both the club and the players involved.


The transfer of Lisandro Martínez should benefit both Manchester United and Martínez. Fans of Ajax are sad to see him leave, but the decision is understandable. He wanted a chance to expand his skillset and share his experience with other players. He knows how to work under Erik ten Hag. And if you’ve made it onto Manchester United, you’ve made it onto one of the most famous football clubs, even if they happen to be in a slump at the moment. Between amazing motivation and working well with Manchester United’s current manager, Lisandro Martínez may be exactly who the club needs to get back on its feet.

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