Top Favorites To Win 2022 World Cup in Qatar

The World Cup in Qatar is set for November, which is a very unusual time for this competition. In fact, for the first time in its history, this global spectacle will take place outside summer. But that is what makes it even better, and be sure that football will be the king of sports news at that time of the year.

world cup 2022 Qatar trophy

With the groups already drawn and a lot being revealed regarding the schedule and the draw, the debate about who has the biggest chance of winning the title is already underway.

A lot of participants desire to lift the Holy Grail of football, but there can be only one in the end. According to most experts and fans, several teams are in the mix, and they will be mentioned in the upcoming few lines.


Brazil players

The Brazilians are in one hell of a shape, and from what we saw over the recent few months, Robinho, Coutinho, and the rest of the crew look unstoppable. They are playing Joga Bonito again, and it appears that the reason for that is Tite’s firm belief that Brazil has to attack constantly.

Their offensive line is superb, boosted by Raphinha, who is currently one of the best forwards in the world. We won’t mention others because it would take the entire day to write all those names.

Selecao’s efficiency is marvelous, and they truly are in the best shape of all the participants. Plus, they have a massive motive to redeem themselves for a loss at home in the Copa America finals to Argentina and Messi.


Antoine Griezmann of France

Didier Deschamps stated that it isn’t important how you played before the finals, but whether you won it in the end or not. That is the mentality of the French team, who always delivers its best performances in the crucial moments, which we saw in Russia back in 2018.

The Gauls had mediocre EURO and unconvincing World Cup qualifiers, as well as the games after that, but still, they have by far the best team on the paper. Mbappe, Benzema, Pogba, Nkunku, Varane, etc.

We simply have to put them at the top of any favorites list regardless of the previous results and the situation in the team.


The Best Football Players from Argentina

Lionel Messi and Argentina took Copa America in Brazil, reminding everyone that they still have one of the world’s best teams. The names of Dybala, Lautaro, Di Maria, Messi, etc., are known in any country in the world, and not including this unit in the title talks would be absurd.

Argentina smashed Italy in the Finalissima in London, 0-3, and from that moment, their chances of winning the title significantly went up.


Hungary vs Portugal

Any team with Cristiano Ronaldo, Bernardo Silva, Ruben Dias, Bruno Fernandes, etc., has to be on our list. Ronaldo is now close to his fifth decade, but he is still one of the best (if not the best) players in the world.

Portugal’s goal scoring machine has incredible teammates in all three lines, with exceptional stars eager to show their true potential and erase the memories of the last EURO.



The situation with the Three Lions is pretty complicated. They have the talent to win the competition, yet they can collapse and suffer an elimination early on. Many point out that England isn’t properly tested outside Europe, so they have high doubts about their success.

However, all the superstars in their squad, like Kane, Sterling, Grealish, and the others, show us that this team can compete with any given unit on the planet.

Other teams who should be mentioned here are Spain, Germany, and Belgium. All three are playing good football with the note that the Spaniards have the youngest team, and their time is yet to come. Meanwhile, for the majority of German and Belgian players, this will be the last run at the World Cup trophy.

Germany has been declining in the previous few years, while Belgium has come to Qatar with all of its stars at their peak.

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