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The 5 Worst Misses in the History of Football

Every football fan has seen his fair share of bad misses, either by playing the game by themselves or by watching other teams play. The bad misses usually end with laughter or anger with the famous words “even my grandma could have scored that”. With numerous of bad misses that have happened throughout the history of football some were so bad, or were so memorable they got their name into the “hall of fame” as the worst misses in the football history. Here is our pick for top 5 worst…

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Joao Moutinho of Wolverhampton Wanderers FA Cup 

Can Wolves Win the FA Cup?

When Wolverhampton Wanderers got promoted into the Premier League last season, it was clear they won’t be the usual promoted team that will struggle to play at the highest level. “Wolves” were simply a team everyone respected, and for a good reason, as they proved they can run with the big dogs of the league. In the end, it was just the question of how high can they go in their first season back at the top tier. But despite their impressive renown in the English Premier League, Wolves made…

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Tottenham Hotspur New Stadium Tottenham News 

First Game At New Stadium: Tottenham Hotspur To Play Crystal Palace

Old Trafford, Santiago Bernabeu, Camp Nou, The Allianz Arena… When we hear the names of those well-known stadiums a true football fan cannot help himself to associate them to the team who calls them “home”. The home stadium of a team is a part of their personality, a part of the team and a fortress, teams would do anything to defend. But what if a team does not have a home stadium? That was the case with Tottenham Hotspurs ever since May 2017, when they abandoned the White Hart Lane…

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UEFA Europa League 2018 - 2019 Draws Europa League 

Who Are The Main Candidates To Win The Europa League?

On March 15th, we witnessed the quarter-final and semi-final Europa League draws both taking place at the same time, which revealed which teams will have to face against each other on their road to Baku. It started with 32 teams, and now we are left with only 8, who fought their way to the quarterfinals. With only 8 teams remaining the picture of who could potentially end up winning the whole tournament becomes clearer, but there are still some matches, which seem just too close to call out a winner…

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Samuel Umtiti of FC Barcelona Football Transfers 

Samuel Umtiti Expected to Move to Manchester

As a promising player Samuel Umtiti joined Barcelona in 2016, where he became an irreplaceable part of the team. However, after recent injuries and new plans, Barcelona made for their future, the French defender just might be at the exit doors of the Spanish club. The 25-year old Samuel Umtiti has established himself as one of the best defenders in Europe with his phenomenal performances in Barcelona, where he perfected his skills and with that put himself on the radar of many football giants who are lining up to sign…

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