Cristiano Ronaldo needs to be kicked out from Manchester United

On the last fixture before the Premier League stoppage for the World Cup, Manchester United beat Fulham 2-1 in a duel held at Craven Cottage.

cristiano ronaldo rejoined manchester united

The Red Devils’ performance was not so good and goalkeeper David Gea was mainly responsible for difficult saves, due to the different derivations of the defensive system in a match.

Even so, Manchester United fans felt happy after the spectacular victory with young Garnacho in additional time, which was celebrated by the entire Red Devils.

However, the word “happiness” seems more and more a forbidden term for the Manchester United fan in the current season mainly due to the toxic behaviour of Cristiano Ronaldo completely unrecognizable from a behavioural point of view.

In this current season, CR7 has managed to take the news in almost all the related games, always trying to put himself above the other players in the Manchester United squad.

However, this time, the Portuguese striker exceeded all expectations with a completely opportunistic interview with journalist Piers Morgan, on TalkTV.

The most important moments of the 90-minute interview were shared on social media during Sunday night, causing the Manchester United fan to not be able to sleep peacefully even after a great victory in the Premier League.

When asked about the relationship with the directors and manager Erik Hag, Cristiano Ronaldo alleges that Manchester United betrayed him more than once.

In addition, the Portuguese was openly critical of the Dutch coach’s work and said that Manchester United’s quality had worsened under the former Ajax coach. It fits on top of what was established with Gunnar Solskjaer’s quality work.

In other words, even though he was under contract with the club, Cristiano Ronaldo spoke as if he were a former Manchester United player, showing a complete abandonment of the club that opened him up when the transfer market showed few options.

In addition to the grace, the behaviour of the club, that of CR7 demonstrates an anti-behaviour behaviour that will certainly contribute to the club close to the onslaught of the next.

Finally, it is completely opportunistic to release an exclusive interview with Cristiano Ronaldo with several criticisms of Manchester United “coincidentally” in the week that marks the beginning of the World Cup.

Historical data of Cristiano Ronaldo’s great career will always be praised in the future, and all their great achievements will continue to be praised by the world football community with all merits. CR7 still has enough technical quality to play at a high level in the European league.

However, the intention is that CR7 will be taken to Manchester United in every possible situation. Of course, the Portuguese will travel to Qatar to compete in the World Cup, but he will not return to the Red Devils.

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