Neymar Is Happy in France and Does not Plan on Returning to Spain

After yet another disappointing European campaign of Paris Saint Germain, the speculations of Neymar returning to Spain surfaced again. However, it was reported that the Brazilian decided to instead stay loyal to his team, who spent tremendous amounts of money to bring him into the squad.

Neymar Jr of PSG
PARIS, FRANCE – JANUARY 23: Neymar Jr of PSG during the French Cup match between Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and RC Strasbourg Alsace at Parc des Princes stadium on January 23, 2019 in Paris, France. (Photo by Jean Catuffe/Getty Images)

Neymar transfer to Parc des Princes in 2017 is still by far the biggest transfer the football world has ever seen. But after a huge fee of 222 million € that PSG spent to bring the Brazilian to the squad, Neymar future in France has been put under question due to speculations he could leave Paris Saint Germain in the upcoming transfer window.

The former Barcelona forward has been linked with a return to LaLiga, where he could re-join his old club Barcelona, or even join their arch-rivals, Real Madrid, as the transfer rumors seem to speculate. But how much truth is in those speculations and how possible is his departure from France?

Although Neymar reportedly kept strong relations with Barcelona, I can hardly believe he would easily return after the manner he left the Blaugrana. In addition, with all the hassle PSG had to go through to finally get a deal on Neymar in 2017, he would not be cheap if any other club would want to bring him in. Looking solely from this perspective, Neymar’s departure is possible, but not likely. But all our speculations don’t hold any weight, especially after what his father had to say on the topic.

When asked about the possible return to Spain or just leaving PSG, Neymar’s father told RMC Sport his son has no intentions of leaving the club and would like to honour the contract he has with PSG. In an interview he stated:

We are only in the second season and it is not even over yet. We have a contract we are not even halfway through.”

“These rumours of departure will always exist, we cannot have a player like Neymar without clubs dreaming about him.”

“Neymar’s desire to be at PSG was expressed two years ago, so the fans can sleep easy. Today Neymar does not want to leave PSG, he wants to continue to help the club win titles.”

Neymar Jr of Paris Saint Germain during the French Cup
Neymar Jr of Paris Saint Germain during the French Cup match between Paris Saint Germain and Strasbourg at Parc des Princes on January 23, 2019 in Paris, France. (Photo by Johnny Fidelin/Icon Sport via Getty Images)

As one of the key player in PSG, the club and fans can be happy their superstar has no intentions of leaving for another club. He is a key part of the deadly attacking trio of Kylian Mbappe, Edison Cavani and Angel Di Maria, which should send chills down the spines of any club.

Talking how deadly the trio is meanwhile looking at an empty Champions League cabinet at Le Parc des Princes is kind of ironic, but then again, no one knows the answer of why PSG fails to perform in the Champions League. Then there is also the fact that PSG was not completely fit in the first round of playoffs when PSG lost to Manchester United.

As it stands now, Neymar seems to be happy in PSG, where he scored 48 goals and added 27 assists in only 53 games played. Not only is he playing well for his club, but he also seems happy with his teammates, which is especially true for his partner up front, Mbappe with whom Neymar established a true “bromance”.

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