What You Need to Know Before Euro 2021 Starts?

2020 was a tumultuous year, and with the Covid 19 pandemic, the Euro 2020 was postponed by one year. The tournament is now set for between June 11 and July 11, 2021. On the flip side, the postponement was a plus for European leagues facing suspension as by then; their suspensions will be complete.

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The Latest News on Euro 2021 and matches to keep an eye on

UEFA announced that in the upcoming Euro 2021, there would be spectators allowed in the venues. Currently, at least eight host countries have given the stadium capacities based on the projections and hope that their countries’ health situation will be better by June. These improvement projections are due to the slow-down of the virus in the warm season, vaccination rollouts, and the plans by each country to reopen the economy.

The biggest matches to watch in the Euro 2021 are:

  • Turkey Vs. Italy in Rome {Group A} on 11th June 2021, 21.00hrs
  • Denmark vs. Finland in Copenhagen {Group B} on 12th June, 18:00hrs
  • Austria vs. North Macedonia in Bucharest, {Group C} on 13th June, 18:00hrs
  • England vs. Scotland in London {Group D} on 18th June, 21:00hrs
  • Spain vs. Poland in Bilbao {Group E} on 19th June, 21:00hrs
  • Portugal in vs. France in Budapest, {Group F} on 23rd June, 21:00hrs

How fans can stream the tournament?

Most countries may not have lifted international travel restrictions by the time the tournament starts. While it is a major disappointment for fans who would have loved to travel for the matches, they can still enjoy the matches live and in real-time via Livestream on their desktop, laptop, or mobile devices.

However, fans who intend to stream the matches need to consider getting a Virtual Private Network that will allow them to bypass any geo-restrictions and watch the games from anywhere in the world. Most VPN services have great offers during the tournament, and fans can sign up for a good VPN deal. Here are a few ways fans can watch the matches online:

1.    ITV and BBC

 ITV and BBC hold the rights to the UEFA EURO championships UK broadcasting rights. To live stream the matches, you need to:

  • Connect to your VPN and connect to a server in the United Kingdom (UK)
  • Sign up for ITV or BBC iPlayer
  • Enter a valid UK postal code and watch the matches live

2.    Watch on TF1 and M6

TF1 and M6 are free-to-air channels and the official broadcasters of the Euro 2021 in French. Of the 51 matches, the channels will air 23, including all matches France plays. If you understand the commentary in French, you can watch the games for free.

3.    Hulu

Hulu is $65 per month, and you can watch the matches on ESPN, ESPN2, and ABC. You can still get all other channels that are streaming EURO 2021 on Hulu. As a first-time subscriber, Hulu offers you a seven-day trial period.

4.    YouTube TV

Catch all the channels streaming the tournament on YouTube TV. Pay $65 a month and watch the matches live on ESPN (39 matches), ESPN2(7 matches), and ABC (5 matches). As a first-time subscriber, you get a five-day free trial period.

5.    RAI

RAI is Italian and the country’s official broadcaster that holds all EURO 2021 rights. The live stream is free, and the commentary is in Italian. If interested, check the RAI Guide to get more information.


With the Covid-19 restrictions that prevent traveling for the Euro 2021, you still have options to watch the live matches. You can either watch it on the free-to-air channels or subscribe to a paid service.

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